Fibromyalgia and Doing “IT ALL”… What Do You Think?

Okay… here’s the thing. I’m just going to say it. I don’t get how people with chronic pain manage to do “IT ALL”. I am sitting in the kitchen that I made a mess; because I don’t want to sit at the desk that I left a mess; because I don’t want to sit in my bedroom that I left a mess. Honestly, there are not that many rooms left in the house. My son’s room smells like something or God forbid someone died in. My daughter has friends jumping around, hopefully not breaking the furniture in her room, and it is extremely loud in there so I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. My one sanctuary room, “the living room” in a very deep booming voice), I kind of have not allowed myself to go in so I don’t ruin it… you know the room I’m talking about. When you were growing up, it was the room that had the plastic covered furniture in it. The room no one was allowed to actually enjoy themselves in. Only grown ups were allowed in there, and only on special occasions. Sooooooo, when I grow up, I will let myself go in there! Until then, it’s just for special occasions… and I haven’t yet forced the plastic over the furniture… don’t push me, I might just go there! (if I was reading this out loud to you I would say “

Back to my topic… I can’t even stay on topic, much less do “IT ALL”, which of course IS my topic! whew! This is starting to confuse me (which as you know is not too difficult to do…). So! Since the holidays, I have had one hell of a time finding time to

  • tweet,
  • blog,
  • work my full-time+ job,
  • eat right,
  • spend time with my family,
  • exercise/ do my physical therapy,
  • read,
  • research fibro,
  • spend time with God (which should be #1),
  • spend time with family/ friends
  • paper craft

Obviously the must do’s always get done because they have to. Once prioritized, I thought it looked like this:

  1. work

Then I sat here for a while… and I decided I would rearrange things a bit. One priority just sucks… and it’s selfish and stupid, not to mention it’s not much of a life and I refuse to make that my life (did you say that in one breath?)! At one point in my life, that is actually how I lived… yes, I know, it is very sad, but true. I refuse to let that be the case now!

So, here’s what I will work on… AGAIN (because I keep forgetting and hopefully this time I will pay attention!): IN THIS ORDER…

  1. God
  2. My health
  3. My family
  4. My job
  5. My papercrafting

In between those things, I will tweet and blog. I will do my best and I will accept I can’t do it all. If I’m successful, I will get less and less of those looks from my husband where he’s shaking his head like I’m crazy because I’ve just taken on the world. If I’m successful… I. Will. Be. Content. Because I am content, I will have less flare ups… you see? I do get “IT”, I just have to accept that I am not Wonder Woman and I can’t do “IT ALL”. Those are two totally different things. But seriously, if I was Wonder Woman… I would totally dig that plane she had.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading. Stay cool!

7 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Doing “IT ALL”… What Do You Think?

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  2. What an inspiration you all are! It is so nice to know that we can feel good with whatever we achieve. Life definitely brings interesting times and although it’s difficult to always stay positive, support from each other helps to keep our spirits up! Thank you all for posting your comments!!

  3. No one has ever envied me before…lol. I have Lupus, Fibro, a blood clotting disorder that causes strokes, and massive adhesions due to a botched surgery where I was in a coma, on a vent and in the hospital for a year…I lost alot of my intestine and have no abdominal wall to hold in my organs, they lay right under a thin sheet of donor skin! I have horrific pain 24/7, wear tight binders to hold up my tummy and take 6 different medications to live. But I do manage to enjoy life, that is for sure! After I came so near death, I decided pain was A OK! lol, not really, but you get my drift. It’s hard to live this way, no doubt about it. I too spend alot of time in bed…have to. But I found a job where I can work when I want to or can physically do so, it is a sit down job where all I do is basically read or talk to patients that are in the hospital after having strokes…I love it! After they hear my story they and their families get some hope from it…and I enjoy it very much. Thankfully my husband is very supportive! I call him The Saint! He cooks, cleans, etc. He’s awesome! Some days its all I can do to not jump off a cliff, but then I change my mind cuz that would require too much damn effort! lol….All we can do is keep pluggin away…and living….and try to make the best of what we have I guess! Thanks for the blog!

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  5. I envy you….as I cannot even accomplish your first item “work.” there is no way I could pull a 9-5 or even a 9-noon. And since I have also had back surgeries (and a few other minor ailments) that I acquired in my early 30’s when I got married…. I haven’t even gotten a chance to have a family (kids) Don’t know if I will get to. So, I guess everything is relative. A good day for me, is when I can feed the dogs, pick up after the dogs and load the dishwasher and be up when my husband comes home from work….and feed the dogs and my husband dinner. That is a good day for me. So I guess I on the same level as Mike M. His day sounds similar to mine. If I have to leave the house to run an errand or go to an appointment. That’s it. That’s my day. I try to find happiness in accomplishing the small things.

  6. I know, when you have a lot of pain or fatigue, the basic little chores of life seem endless. There have been days when the sum total of what I did was: (1) spent about half the day in bed, (2) went to one doctor appt, (3) did one hour of work when I was supposed to do eight hours… then I sit down in the evening and think, “Gawd what a full, exhausting day I just had.”

  7. Nice blog! As far as “doing it all”…that is someones sick fantasy when u have chronic illnesses. We all push ourselves to the limit…then wonder why our flares are worse and more frequent…lol. It’s a vicious cycle. I try to keep the house too clean, and work, and just do LIFE…then turn into a mean, grouchy old woman who no one wants to be around…who needs that crap? So…I am trying to learn to chill. Stop worrying about the dust bunnies…the dog hair…

    I also could really get into Wonder Womans invisible plane…totally cool! ;)

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