Expect the Unexpected… The Life of a Fibromite

Expect the unexpected… that should be the motto of our lives. Each day we wake up we never know which part of our body will function, or not. This is always an interesting part of my morning routine… I wake up and lay in bed for a few minutes and sort of have a chat with my body:

“okay feet, what’s going on… crazy nerves or are you going to be cool today?”

“legs and knees, numb this morning? can we stand up? walk?”

“back… oh back, let’s just rest a bit and then stretch out and … we really can do this… right?”

“shoulders… breathe…  breathe… release (I always have to remember to let my muscles relax in my shoulders!)”

“neck.. relax.. relax! .. oh I mean …. breaaaathhhheeeee… relaxxxx”

I have had one flare free week and what a blessing that was. I haven’t had a relatively pain free week like that in a very long time. Today is a new day. I will take it for what it is. I have new challenges to face today and I will face them and I will use my tools to manage through the pain and I will fight the flare monster away!

Today is a new day.

Expect the unexpected… and accept, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not so good. Everyday is a new day, which means every day you have a new opportunity to make it a GREAT DAY!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay cool.

4 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected… The Life of a Fibromite

  1. I’m constantly amazed at how some folks with fibromyalgia can be so positive. But then I only have to turn to my mother who’s been dealing with it for years. Her pain tolerance is something crazy, let me tell you. I try to help her with things around the house, but she just keeps moving. She says that if she stopped, she couldn’t get going again.

    All that is to say that I wish you all the best in your daily fight.


    Pain Elimination

  2. Hi, just saw your post on an other site that is in the habit of taking others blog posts and listing as “by Adm” I liked the post and to distract myself started trying to find out who’s blog it really belonged to! There was no ID info in the post but was able to use key words from your post and poof I found your blog! No one seems able to stop these folks from stealing posts so I insert a link and disclaimer into my posts so that others can find my blog and not lose traffic to my site…..only because I feel we all need to feel the support from each other as we travel down this path…..we work hard on our posts. The site is “Health Blog>>Chronic pain @ http://www.teambeefroast.com/category/chronic-pain/ they can be a real pain….but after adding my link in my posts I try and think of it as free advertising…..lol…again really enjoyed your blog! Oh, mine is “Lila lost in the Fibro Fog…” I have two blogs but this isn’t my primary so my link would take you to my other blog…… :} …. Lila

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