Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Depression, ADHD…. None of this Defines You

New year, new theme for my blog… and I am saying good riddance to 2010!! It has been one hell of a year! I am happy to see this one go, I must say. 2010 was a tough year and I am ready to move forward and start strong with 2011.

What do you remember most about 2010? This was a painful year for me… both physical and emotional. I felt the pain of fibromyalgia and the pain of losing loved ones, the pain of walking away from my house after 10 years, the emotional upheaval of changing companies after 20+ years…

It was also a year of celebration… my son turned 18, he graduated from high school and started college. My daughter is in middle school and is excelling in her academics and in soccer. They are both maturing and growing up and I am realizing that they are so independent. I am also seeing what traits they have taken from my husband and myself and it’s awesome and difficult at the same time to see. You always want only the best traits to be passed on, right? You know that’s not the way it always goes… you just pray that your children will listen and learn from your experiences. If not, they will learn on their own as you did yourself. I honestly get this, it hurts my heart to see it happening though. Many of you out there know what I am talking about. You are going through the same thing with your children.

As we enter 2011, my family just completed our annual project.

  • What are your 10 most memorable moments of 2010?
  • What are your 10 goals for 2011?

We take those and write them down and scrapbook them on a piece of 12×12 paper, frame them and put them up on the wall for the year. I will share mine (truth be told, mine is the only one that is still “almost” complete”), as I was saying, I will share mine with all of you when I finish it.

I highly recommend you sit down with your family and do something like this. If anything, it’s a great conversation.

I wanted to make sure I ended the year by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  to all of you… you have all been fantastic supporters in my life.

Most important, if you take anything from my blog, take this… Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, ADHD…. none of this defines you. You are defined by the values and beliefs and all the inner beauty inside you. Your pain is real. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

You deserve an awesome 2011. I’m praying you have one!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back in 2011.

Stay cool.


4 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Depression, ADHD…. None of this Defines You

  1. Happy New Year Tamiko!

    I love your new theme! I mean it. It is very cool. I love writing this comment too while at the same time I can see your darling sweet dog! And, I love your post! :) Thank you.

    I was almost asleep and thought I’d get up and at least be awake to say hello to 2011. I found myself here.

    I also want to say bye to 2010! It was painful. I had poor interactions with family. My son was sick.

    The scrapbook idea is great. I want to blog more in 2011. I learned some things this year that will help me in the New Year. I am happier now than I was six months ago. My son got some good care for a little while this year. So… it looks like there is much good to take into 2011.

    Thanks for asking us to share with you. I guess I had a lot to say and didn’t know it. Thank you for your work in this blog. It means a lot to me and I know others too. You are doing good work!

    I wish you a wonderful New Year!

    • Thank you!! Happy new year to you too!! I really hope I blog more in 2011 as well. I seem to write and go away for awhile. I was drawn back today and I always LOVE to hear from you!

      Makes me so happy to know that your son received some good care, I know the road has been rough for you.

      Let’s hope 2011 is a better year for us, 2010 was a tough one.

      All the best!

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