Day 14: My Dream Day…

If you could have the perfect day, what would it look like? My dream day… hmmmmm, well let me start from the beginning.

Imagine waking up after sleeping for 8 hours… 8 straight hours of the most comfortable sleep you could possibly imagine. When I wake up I am refreshed, I grab my book off my nightstand and read for an hour before everyone is up. I get out of bed and realize I am feeling really good and go downstairs. My husband and I make breakfast and the whole family sits at the table to share our first meal of the day.

After the kitchen is all cleaned up, I go upstairs and take a relaxing shower and get ready to go out. I feel energized after taking my shower and I’m ready for the day.

We all pile in the car and we go for a drive to anywhere. I am relaxed and the conversation is fun and the car is full of laughter and happiness. Wherever we end up and whatever we do, this day is full of love, laughter and joy. At the end of the day, I get in bed and smile. I say my prayers and thank God for this perfect day.

I don’t need or want anything extravagant, I just want to be with my family and for us to all have fun and laugh and play, have great food and enjoy being with each other.

What does your perfect day look like? Is it attainable?

I wish that you all your perfect dream day soon!


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