Happy 4th of July from My Foggy Brain

4th of July… it’s so different now than it used to be. When I was growing up we used to all gather in the street with the neighbors and set off our packs of fireworks. Remember the snakes? I don’t remember all the names of all the stuff in the pack, I just remember how fun it was and how much I looked forward to it as the 4th came closer and closer. We’d go to Spartan stadium and watch this amazing firework show. As I grew older, we’d go to Great America and watch fireworks after spending the day hanging out at the park. After having my son, we’d go park in the parking lot of Great America and watch the firework display while sitting on the cement. The whole family would go with snacks and we’d wait until it got dark and then watch the sky light up. The past few years we have had a great time going to our neighbor’s house and watching the kids shoot off bottle rockets and some big fireworks. It’s been super fun.

We are all at different stages in our lives now. The neighbor’s kids are all grown up, our kids are growing up and my husband and I are… well… all grown up. I still love fireworks, but if I start my day early in the morning to get ready to go to a bbq during the day… making it to the end of the night to fireworks doesn’t always work out.

I appreciate spending the day with family and friends, although the thought of socializing with a lot of people generally terrifies me. It still doesn’t matter how well I know folks, my social anxiety rises to an all time high around this holiday. I have to push myself every step of the way until I get settled at the bbq. Ultimately I am always glad I have gone, but getting there is a very stressful few hours.

I hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July. Remember to take care of you and don’t overdo it so you can remember this day with fond memories instead of pain.

I hope wherever you are, you are able to relax, eat good food and be thankful for the folks around you. I am looking forward to my day and you never know… there may be some fireworks in my future!

Stay cool and relax!

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