GUEST Blogger Julia Wisnieski: Life With Fibromyalgia

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday! I was contacted by Julia a couple of weeks ago about guest blogging. I think it’s cool to share other perspectives so here she is sharing her experiences and life with FMS. Please give her a warm welcome and I hope you enjoy her posting. Please send in comments and as always… stay cool! Relax and enjoy a pain-free day.



My name is Julia Wisniewski. I live with Fibromyalgia and I blog for Bready, the gluten-free bread machine so I can share my experience with managing my pain with a less gluten-y diet.

Although I have been living with the pain of fibromyalgia for as much of my life as I can remember, I have never noticed a link between the pain and my eating habits. When I was younger, my parents thought that the fibro pain was growing pains. They told me to eat bananas because the potassium is known to aid muscle function. Unfortunately, I never noticed the bananas relieving my pain.

After the diagnosis of FM about a year ago, I emailed a friend of a friend who I knew lived with fibromyalgia. I felt really awkward because she was the older sister of one of my high school friends, but she was the only person close to my age who I knew could share her experience with me. She gave me a lot of spiritual advice as well as recommended cutting down on my gluten and dairy intake. I thought that decreasing the dairy in my diet would be impossible, what with my love affairs with chocolate and cheese and butter.

I have never really been one to sit around and mull over the possibilities, so I decided that I was going to start a less gluten-y diet. I made a list of foods that I was to avoid and posted them on the fridge in my house. My roommates made fun of me for a little bit, but when they realized how serious I was about this diet, they even helped me cut out some foods that are bad for me.

I wanted to manage my pain better. I began eating more rice instead of pasta and used gluten-free flour in my baking endeavors. I felt okay, but I wasn’t convinced that it was due to my new diet. I eventually abandoned my gluten-free efforts because I simply got busier.

I was fine until recently I have been noticing stomach pain. I would feel a brick in my stomach after eating any bread or products I knew were rich in gluten. So I’ve gone back to reducing gluten in my diet. I am hoping that it will help with my stomach issues.

It is so funny to me how out of touch I can be with my body sometimes. I even went back to eating gluten for a while and ignored my body long enough to think that I was okay. It is still a day-to-day struggle. I don’t exactly have time to be worrying about my body, but I know how important my health is.

Besides just trying to replace my pasta carbs with rice and potatoes, I have found that I can use a gluten-free bread maker and make myself breads instead of buying the bland gluten-free breads from the supermarket. It helps a lot to know that even though I have to cut down on some of my favorite foods, I at least don’t have to give up on my bread.