Day 2: Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most…

Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.

~Mark Twain

This quote says it all for me. I used to be so much smarter, more articulate… you know, way back when, when my memory was too good (those days when I used to wish I could forget things… man! I want to take those wishes back!) I was able to hold an adult conversation without stumbling over my words, without feeling like a complete idiot for my inability to figure out which word to say next.

I feel like a little bit of my brain goes dark each day never to surface again… I have a great day, but the memory of it doesn’t stick. The jokes and funny things, secrets amongst friends… yeah. That doesn’t work for me. I can’t remember shit and I don’t get jokes because by the time my brain catches up to what was said… the conversation has moved on.

Lord knows. I miss my mind. I miss feeling like a functioning adult. Holding a conversation at any level, with anyONE is stressful. I am afraid I’m going to say something stupid or something that just makes absolutely zero sense. I can fake it, you get good at that. I’m sure many of you would agree, you learn to fake a conversation… fake confidence… fake feeling good. My social anxiety, once manageable is now at an all time high. It’s all so exhausting.

What kills me is there are so many memories I wish I still had the ability to recall. Memories of my children, my husband, family, friends… “Don’t you remember when… ?” welllll, no, I don’t. I’m the best person to confess a secret to, I will not remember it. The problem is when you tell me a secret you want me to remember for future reference… hmmmmm, that is a challenge I don’t succeed at much.

So, what do I do about it? Well, I do my best to appreciate the here and now. I understand that this is my life and I do my best not to waste today worrying or wondering about yesterday. I give myself a break. I make light of it. I laugh at myself when I can’t remember how to use the washing machine, when I can’t figure out how to use a can opener. Life is too short. I appreciate that I can watch a movie more than once and still get surprised.

I have faith. I know that there is a bigger plan for me and I trust that I will follow the path that has been set forth for me. It’s not easy, but without faith, without believing… what’s left? I miss memories, the ability to articulate but each day presents a new opportunity to learn and become a better person. It’s up to me to take the challenge.