do you have my christmas spirit? can i have it back now?

what does christmas mean to all of you out there? when i was growing up i could not wait for thanksgiving because it meant christmas was right around the corner! it’s so strange for me, it’s as if the holidays don’t even happen these days. it’s really sad to me… so my question is, did my parents create the holiday spirit when i was growing up? if so, i gotta say, they did a hell of a job! my mom created a family environment where we put the ornaments on the tree together (unless i’m smokin’ dope and that’s not what happened… and i know i’m not smokin’ dope because i don’t have that medical marijuana card!)… maybe not all of us, but my middle brother and i did put the ornaments on the tree with my mom. okay so not the whole family but the three of us did this together. oh yeah, and yes we complained. but! we did put the ornaments on and i remember loving it… i loved the feeling of accomplishment when we were done.

i’m a grown up now (at least i like to think i am at times) and my mother passed the ornaments down to me. these are very special ornaments too. we made a lot of them growing up… my mom made a lot of them when we were growing up… she put a lot of love and care into these ornaments, how could i possibly let a christmas go by without putting them on the tree? she will want to see them when she comes over on christmas.

yes, this is my problem. i have not had christmas spirit for the past few years… i wish i could find it. i think it has been misplaced. if you have it, please send it back to me… i really miss it…

i should have put a warning at the top of my post “this may depress you”… that was honestly not my intent, i was just sitting here thinking as i was finishing up for the night (i am doing the normal christmas project craziness)… i’m going to go put some ornaments on my christmas tree now. i want you to go watch something funny now… or better yet, go read she will make you laugh your ass off and i will have made up for depressing you…

Happy holidays!

thanks for reading! and really, stay cool!

3 thoughts on “do you have my christmas spirit? can i have it back now?

  1. This is my first “empty nest” Christmas. Back in the day we had a couple traditions. The night before Christmas if they all sang me a Christmas carol (or two( they’d get to open a present (or two). We occasionally made ornaments but always made sure each child had one every year.

    And we always made a gingerbread house. No, not from scratch…the ready made, just use icing to put it together and slap on the candy, gingerbread house.

    Think the kids miss it? Get this, my 19 year old son tried to get the two girls to conference call me Christmas morning to sing to me. The oldest isn’t having it, so it fell through. There’s always one…

    Oh well.

    This year I let my husband do the Christmas tree a la San Diego Chargers theme. We just happened to move to where his most favorite football team in the USA is located. He’s happy, the ornaments are still packed somewhere in some box (we just moved this week) and maybe next year the kids will miss me enough to sing to me. Or not. Remind me next year: NO EXPECTATIONS!

    I really kind of miss wishing I had Christmas spirit. I think I’m just ignoring Christmas this year. I’m pretty sure my husband went all out and all my Christmas present will be Charger jammies. Too cute.

    Hang in there. Take some pictures…always take some pictures. They make you happy to look at later. I’d send you a picture of my Chargers Christmas tree if it’ll make you smile…

    • I would love to see a picture of that Chargers Christmas tree if it’s not too late! Thank you to both of you for replying to my post… I took a break from social networking, the longest break I have ever taken actually but I think I’m ready to come back… I miss everyone!!

  2. You did not depress me! Maybe you made me a tad teary, but I that’s ok. I often feel the same way as you and if not for the abundant enthusiasm of my youngest son I would probably not have done any decorating at all! As I type this he is begging me to let him wrap a container of cashews up as a present, now that is Christmas spirit!

    You will get your spirit back. It usually just creeps up on you when you least expect it. Maybe after all the holiday gift making craziness and wrapping is over, or maybe the week after! But, it will hit you!

    I have many decorations that are family keepsakes as well and I faithfully cram as many as I can onto the tree every year. My mother comes over as well, and always makes some sentimental comment about them.

    Sending you some Christmas spirit from freezing cold, icy & snowy Ontario! Happy Holidays!

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