screw fibromyalgia and celebrate the best things in life!! my family is AWESOME!!!

i drove for the second time in 6 months today… coincidentally, it was also the day my boss came in to town. i picked him up from the airport, after a day of meetings and meals… all i can say is by dinner i was walking with my cane. after dinner walking back to the car my legs froze up and the pain was quickly moving up my arms to take a rest on the left side of my chest. nice. NOT! soooo…. i suck it up, drive to the hotel and drop off my boss… promptly ask my lovely friend to drive and i jump into the passenger seat. no tears today folks!

yeah well, i was not happy. in fact, i was really going into quite the mood. i had to call my husband and tell him we were on the way home. he needed to get in the car and drive my girlfriend home because i was in over my head with the whole “thought i was independent” thing. (please bust out the violins and start playing now)

it all gets worse… while we are driving i find out my baby girl (she’s eleven) is home alone for the first time at night while we are out on this driving escapade. an escapade that we wouldn’t have to be on if i would just get my shit together and win the lottery, so i could have a flippin driver instead of having to “phone a friend” every time i need to go somewhere. (the sarcasm is really heavy at this point… argh!)

i get home and i’m not happy (if you haven’t figured that out by now)… but as i walk up to the back door i see a red ribbon on the door… a little smile on my face. what the…. i go in the house and my girl is in the kitchen and gives me a hug, my smile is growing. i go in the house and walk further and i hear christmas music… and i’m wondering what is going on… and i go check out where the music is coming from… and this is what i see:

my family had gone out while i was working, picked the tree, brought it into the house, put it in the stand and put the lights on!!!


need i say more??? on days like this, screw fibromyalgia and celebrate the best things in life!! my family is AWESOME!!!

thanks for reading! stay cool!

happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “screw fibromyalgia and celebrate the best things in life!! my family is AWESOME!!!

  1. Hi My name is Tamara Cimmerian. I’m The lead singer / songwriter/ pianist of Katzen a fairly ne LA Band. I, too, have FM.
    Your family is great– so is mine! We have so much in common! Thank you for your post. You are a healer. Hopefully through my music I too can pass along the healing torch to fellow FM sufferers…
    I think you’d really find both my Holiday CD, Fortunate and my new CD, Overcome uplifting, if not just plain fun to listen to. I specifically wrote Overcome with us FM ladies and gents in mind.
    In fact, my band KatZen has partnered up with the National Fibromyalgia Association from now thru Valentine’s Day and will donate 1/3 of all its proceeds on the album Overcome to the NFA to help benefit people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Albums can be downloaded at itunes and most internet retailers such as CD Baby,, Amie St., for $2.97. Physical copies of the CD can be purchased at
    I’d be honored if you would kindly check out the details at KatZen’s Website. You can also hear clips of our beautiful, rocking tunes and read our thought provoking and moving blogs. Please join our fan list. Become a part of our community and share with us. We are very involved with our fans. Perhaps you’d like to post a blog on our site as I’m educating our fans about Fibromyalgia (my 2nd, nemesis- mate of three and 1/2 years).
    I’m certain you’ll adore our music and story as much as thousands of unique, open-minded and spiritually centered other new people do everytime they are are exposed to a new KatZen song or article. We have been described as a synergy to guide and inspire.I f you do dig us as much as I’m hoping you will, I’d love it if you’d kindly turn your MYFOGGBRAIN readers on to our cause with the National Fibromyalgia Association.
    Our website is Feel free to email me at with any questions. We need to coninue to do anything we can to help keep further awareness with FM; this is he key to one day finding a cure.

    :P Peace b to you and yours. and thank you again for your blogs.—Tamara Cimmerian, Katzen

  2. Your post just made my day. I just got the biggest kick out of how great that made you feel that your family put up the Christmas tree. Your family rocks!

    I love seeing Christmas lights and decorations (except in stores before Halloween…that brings out the scrooge in me). Loved the picture and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


    • thank you so much!! i agree… my family does rock!! normally i would love to get the tree with the family, but with everything going on, i jut felt such a relief… i had no idea i was so overwhelmed…

      Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a pain free 2010!!

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