tis the season… calling all fibromites! what’s your perfect christmas present?

today is december 7th and i can promise you, telling you i have a lot to do is the definition of an understatement. i am not going to be hard on myself. there’s no whip cracking (wait a minute! mayyyybeeeee that’s the sound i keep hearing… let me check, just give me onnnnnneeeeee second… nope, that’s definitely just the rain outside. whew! i got scared for a second there!), as i was saying i am on my own schedule. i put the pressure on myself every year.

i have this crazy idea that i want to make presents for people. i love love love to give people gifts. in my next life i’m coming back as santa. (to the one above, let me be specific… when i say i would like to come back as santa… i mean THE santa, not the homeless guy in nyc or any other person with that same name… i mean THE one and only the big guy that ‘makes the list and checks it twice, gonna find out whose naughty and nice’ please let us not do any funny play on words… thank you very much!) again, as i was saying, if i was a bazillionaire (this is a real word in my dictionary), i would just find ways to give away without involving all the politics… yet i digress.

in making all these gifts, every year, down to the wire… i always end up working around the clock. this is the first year i’m dealing with my pain levels being so crazy bad. this is the year my fibromyalgia decided to come and visit… and never go home (if you say it with that deep scary voice, it is much more effective and entertaining). last year was pretty bad, this year… let’s just say… prettier badder… or even prettierest badderrest!! okay shit… it just effing sucks but it’s christmas time and i’m trying not to say bad words and i just did and now i feel bad!!

so what was the point of all that anyway?

hmmmmmm my title says “tis the season… calling all fibromites! what’s your perfect christmas present?” what was i going to say… (the sound of my foot tapping does not help me remember oddly enough)… oh yeah! seriously… this is real time and i sadly did forget what i was writing… that was foggy brain at it’s best. you have just witnessed my foggy brain in action. whew! back to my blog.

what i want for christmas! geez i better type fast before i forget again… i want the perfect organization system for foggy brains. let me explain so you know what i mean:

  • something i can carry with me 24/7 in my purse
  • something i can write in and journal as i think (so i don’t forget!)
  • place to take down work notes while on calls or in meetings
  • calendar tickler to keep my work and personal key dates coming up
  • place to take down work and personal actions/ to-do’s
  • reference information that i need to keep either for work or personal
  • i would like to keep my work and personal separate

i have an iphone so i don’t need to keep contacts and i also have my calendar in my iphone for reminders… but i am a visual person i don’t remember unless i physically write things down to feel and see myself write it down… and also… if you have an app for that (hahahaha…. say it… say the commercial “i have an app for that!”) let me know, i’d love app suggestions for my iphone as well, i have tried GTD, OmniFocus, and i can’t remember what else…

if you have made something, i’d love to copy it… if you have thought of making something, i’m taking ideas…

i love stationary… i’m kind of crazy about paper, i think that’s why i love to scrapbook and love stationary stores… i have looked at tons of personal organizers (in weight.. really, i bet the total is probably 1/4 of a ton, what… does that seem like a lot or too little?). why the crazy look on your face?

this is my dream… to create the perfect organizer for people like me. an adhd foggy brained fibromyalgia chronically depressed insomniac scrapbooking crazed mom! if that is not the best description… man the next time i’m in a work meeting and someone says “why don’t we start by going around the room and introducing ourselves”, what do you think? should i start with that?

thanks for reading! stay super cool!

happy holidays!

ps. i thought i’d share some sites with you that may be useful to you fibromites/cfs peeps during the holidays:

pps. if you just need a serious laugh… (not for the politically correct folk), check out my most favorite place to go when i really need some relief from pain. she makes me laugh out loud every single time i read her blog:

ppps. if you actually read all the way to the bottom of this… i know that i could have matched my pictures to my blog a little better (like a diary or an organizer but i haven’t found the perfect one so that actually would not have made sense… hmmm), but i love my dog and any excuse to use her holiday pictures and i’ll take it… and really, it is my blog right?

6 thoughts on “tis the season… calling all fibromites! what’s your perfect christmas present?

  1. Hi, thanks 4 your help! I haven’t got it set to my phone yet but will do that later. I’ll be whatever you call it, “tweeting?” I actually could make a video but I think I’ll save the canine x-mas money for the indestructible dog toys. I’m sure that would be a good video too ’cause I have a dog that goes insane when he smells rubber ’cause he knows it must be a new toy.
    Also, I’ll just follow who you do, how cool!

  2. Thank you for a great post. My perfect present is easy. Anything to do with warming up and organizing; journals, calendars, post-its, blankets, bath accessories, warm slippers. And yes a 24/7 assistant would be the perfect gift! This would be the best Christmas EVER! LOL


    • Hi myfoggybrain! I feel like I’m talking to myself here. I adore your picture! How awesome. Now I might put a hat on one of my dogs and video them chewing it to shreds, which I think they might do.
      I joined Twitter and I know absolutely nothing about it. I didn’t join as dogkisses, but RosaMechelle. I will follow you on there but I may never tweet. The technology gives me panic attacks. I do not know why. I want to connect with people but between my well, my foggy brain and my apparent slow learning curve when it comes to computers, I have not done so well.
      I enjoyed your post. Very upbeat and funny too.

      • I have just followed you back on Twitter and added you to my fibrofriends list. There are a lot of really really great people to follow. You can take the list of people I follow and just follow them. Everyone I follow are fibro folks. 98% of the people I follow are fibro people, the other 2% are inspirational. That would just make it easy for you… :) See? I just made it easy for you… Just look at who I follow and then you follow them too. I will also introduce you to the folks too.

        You will get a lot of people following you that have nothing to do with what you are interested in. Just ignore them. To determine if you want to follow them back, look at their profile page and if it doesn’t say anything you like… ignore them and don’t follow them. Easy peasy.

        Ask me questions anytime. :)

        Thanks for the feedback! That video would be quite entertaining! LOL!!

  3. I think the most perfect organizer would have to be a personal 24/7 assistant, that remembers everything for you, chooses daily outfits to wear, makes sure you eat properly, drives you everywhere – on time, cooks, cleans and caters to your every whim. Wait! I have just described being a Mom, oops. I can dare to dream, I guess! Other than my wishful thinking, I am in need of the perfect organizer as well! Sorry, I am absolutely no help at all!

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