Integral Tai Chi is My New Depression/ Fibromyalgia Pain Drug of Choice!

“My body is healthy… My body is healthy… My body is healthy… My body is healthy…” I am chanting this in my head while next to me a lady is not so quietly snoring… interestingly it does not bother me, although there are moments when I want to laugh (but cross my heart…. I don’t). While I chant this over and over in my head, I scan my body for pain and if I find any, I mentally push it out of my body. You are wondering what I am talking about… I get it, I would be wondering too.

This is the relaxation segment of my Integral Tai Chi class. It is the last 30 minutes of the 2-hour class I have been taking… my new favorite depression/ pain drug of choice. As I am laying in the dark on my mat in the “corpse” position and the instructor has directed us to relax every part of our body and told us when we awaken our bodies will be healthy. It becomes my chant while I lie there for the next ten minutes. I feel like this class has changed my life. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, take me seriously and find a class and give it a try. Here’s the class description:

Integral Tai Chi is a self-healing system that integrates tai chi, yoga, relaxation and meditation to heal the mind, body and spirit. This comprehensive approach involves a series of 10 body movement postures each designed to increase balance, awareness, endurance, flexibility, flow, concentration, energy and spiritual transformation. Integral Tai Chi can be easily learned and practiced by all ages and body types.

I have been able to do things that have caught me completely by surprise… okay, for example… remember in Karate Kid that crane move that all your friends growing up have done and said “I’m the Karate Kid!!”…. I CAN DO THAT!!! SHUT UP!! I CAN!!! Unbelievable… I can actually balance on one foot!! I almost fainted with surprise the first time I did it… I started to giggle. I really did. No one can even understand the gravity of the situation. balancing on one foot, WHILE lifting my arms UP IN THE AIR like that is just CRAZY!! LOL!! For all you modern folk that do not remember Karate Kid (the original… God forbid…) it’s the Crane pose in Kung Fu Panda!

I can’t explain it, I don’t get it myself, but the stretches that are done… although they definitely are challenging for me, feel soooooo good! I feel really good both mentally and physically when I finish this class. I have felt like a totally different person the last three weeks. My husband tells me he is afraid to break the spell… he wishes I could take this class every day. I think that might be a bit much. :) I mean, what is the message he is sending to me?? LOL!

For me personally, I think I said it in a prior posting, the mental effect that this has had on me is so significant… the healing of the mind and spirit and the pure focus on positivity and exiting frustration, stress, negativity from the body/ mind… this is just what I need. I sleep better on the nights that I go… although this time, my beautiful dog decided to wake me up at 4:00 in the morning to go outside and I decided to write this blog posting instead of going back to bed. I also have been able to relax enough to read an actual book… this is amazing. I haven’t read a book from beginning to end in so long I can’t remember when. I have finished three books in the last two weeks. I usually start a book and then after the first couple pages or chapters, put it down and never pick it up again.

I know a lot of you are in pain. If you are in the bay area (San Francisco to San Jose on both sides of the bay), these classes are FREE, take advantage and give it a try… “listen to you body” and do what you can, but stay for the last 30 minutes. If you are not in the bay area, find a local class and it is very possible that you may have free classes as well. I understand this ITC organization is in Southern California offering free classes (this is a non-profit organization). This particular group is AWESOME! I think you can tell, I am pretty jazzed about this… just a little bit… :) I’ve been in pain a very long time… This is the first time I have found something that is FREE and works and not a drug! nice… it’s a blessing.

  • 30 minutes of warm up
  • 60 minutes of 10 body movements
  • 30 minutes of relaxation and meditation

I could barely walk when I went to the first class… I am walking significantly better… ask my dog! :)

Thanks for reading! Stay cool (literally! It’s been pretty hot out there!)



5 thoughts on “Integral Tai Chi is My New Depression/ Fibromyalgia Pain Drug of Choice!

    • I have been having a very difficult time coming back to my blog… I’m not sure why… I wish I could understand what is going on. I am very inspired by the fact that it has been self sustaining itself… it makes me happy that people still appreciate what I have shared since I have had such a hard time sharing in the past few months. Not just sharing, but reading… anything fibro related. It is as if my mind has gone on strike. One day somewhere inside my head I went on strike and forgot to tell the rest of me… there’s a blog for you… and there’s the start of my next blog. :)

      You have always inspired me… my, how I have missed you… I hope you have been doing okay, I do think of you a lot.

      • Hi Tamiko,

        Thanks for your reply. You sound good. I hope you are still able to do the Tai Chi. I understand about going on strike without having planned it. That happened to me several months back and I’ve never gotten my groove back. I think I need to start a new blog. My last post was a 1937 hat. Nothing else. Just a hat. It’s cool and colorful but my words are stuck somewhere inside of me and I can’t reach them too often. I figure this will change in due time.

        I hope you are staying warm. It’s very very cold here. Snowing as I write althou mixed with some rain so that’s no good. Wet snow :(

        Happy holidays to you and your family.

        PS I look forward to the strike ending –wherever that is. Let me know if you start a new blog okay.

  1. Awesome news! I’m so happy you found a fun, free, fitness program that helps you with so many of your symptoms all at once. It’s amazing what a difference feeling a little better makes. I can tell that you are genuinely happier and feeling much better in every way.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, so we can learn from your example. I’m inspired.


    • Way to go! I have not posted on your site before. I cannot imagine doing two hours, but then, I did do1 1/2 hours of hot yoga. I suggest that as well. Miserable the first couple times, then after that, it helps mind, body and soul. – Peg

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