Day 18: My day at the zoo…

I had the most amazing day at the zoo on Sunday. Today I thought I’d share some of the pictures that I took. It’s been a long time since the last time I visited and there have been so many cool improvements! I can’t wait to go back (hopefully next time I will be able to walk and leave the wheels at home).

As I thought about these pictures, it was easy to caption them with living with chronic pain. I hope you enjoy.

One step at a time and learning from experience... these are important in our journey with invisible illnesses.

This little guy was too cute running and jumping everywhere... my daughter took this picture of him hangin' from the tree. Through all challenges and difficult days, we have to remember to have fun, hang loose!

These little Meercats reminded me of the support we all need when we are in pain. The one was sitting there falling asleep and he kept falling forward... then this other guy came along and they leaned on each other giving each other support.

The most awesome animal I have ever seen in my life. This dude was HUGE!! We were standing there and he walked right over to us and stood in front of me, as if he was posing!
Stand firm in your battle against PAIN and DEPRESSION and the armor, your faith will serve you well!

My dad loves bald eagles and I took this picture for him. This guy was injured so it was nice that he had a sanctuary. Truly amazing bird.
Like us, this guy has limited ability to move around, he no longer has the freedom he once did... yet he has adapted.

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