Day 20: Miracle Cure… (not really)

Today’s prompt: Miracle Cure. Write a news-style article on a miracle cure. What’s the cure? How do you get the cure?

I thought and thought about this prompt. Just getting past the word “miracle” was difficult for me. I’m sure everyone has tried at least one thing in their lives that they thought would miraculously cure them based on testimony and research… only to be completely disappointed at the actual result.

So, here’s my write up (I felt like I was back in school again writing up this pretend article):

San Jose, CA. A report has come out today from a panel of doctors reporting that they have found a cure for Depression. This panel of doctors from around the world have discovered that by including a specific type of food in the diet, patients have responded successfully and appear to be symptom-free. After experimenting and testing this theory on patients around the world for the last few years, this is no longer theory but fact. We now have a cure for depression.

What is this miracle food you wonder? It is a new type of fruit that scientists have been developing from an array of fruits from different countries over the last decade. This fruit grows in any type of soil and under the best and worst conditions making it easy for anyone to grow once they are made available to the public. The best part about this news is that the cost is almost negligible. People can grow this at home or soon be able to purchase at any grocery store.

This fruit is similar to an apple, has a wonderfully aromatic scent, and a flavor no one has been able to put their finger on.

Once FDA approval has been obtained, the name of the fruit will be released.

Of course the above story is not real… but one day I hope something that does not require a prescription or a big bank account and is natural will be the ultimate cure for depression.

Thanks for visiting today! Have a great pain-free week-end!

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