Day 22: The Things We Forget…

I am participating in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. (Please visit WEGO Health’s blog and the WEGO Facebook page to find other writers tackling the same topics—or sign up for the challenge yourself!)

Today’s prompt: The Things We Forget. Visit and make your own version of a short memo reminder. Where would you post it?

There are so many reminders I could list, I just picked those that I always need in bright neon lights in front of me wherever I go… flashing… oh, but only during the waking hours (Lordy, I have enough issues sleeping without adding flashing neon signs!).

I know it’s crazy, but breathing is not always so easy. I find myself holding my breath all the time. Throughout the day I often have to remind myself to breathe. I take that moment to not only stop holding my breath, but also take some deep relaxing breaths.

When it comes to focus… I am so easily distracted. During my work day, I must tell myself to focus at least a few times in an hour. Frustrating! Which leads me to…

Or… mind your own beeswax. Stay on point. Don’t let shit get to you. Think before you speak. Walk away. There are so many ways to say this. Basically there is only so much energy for the stuff I need to focus on. Let all the other shit go.

Relaxing doesn’t come easy to me. I have to constantly tell myself to clear my mind, don’t let thoughts enter my mind and just be still. Doesn’t work a lot, but I try.

A really important reminder for me is to keep perspective. Don’t blow stuff out of proportion. Keep what’s important… top of mind and a priority. Life so often gets in the way until either a flare or shocking news. It’s easy to forget how important my relationship with God is, quality family time, my health… you get what I’m saying. If I have to sit in a wheelchair to go to the zoo with my family… the important point is that I’m at the zoo with my family!

As I begin this new week, I will think about these reminders and do my best to make this a good week. I hope you do as well!

4 thoughts on “Day 22: The Things We Forget…

    • That is really kind of you. I really appreciate your comments, it’s so nice to hear from you.
      Have a wonderful day!
      Gentle hugz.

    • Thank you so much! Sometimes I really feel like I need to tattoo it on the back of my hand so I can see it all the time. :)

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