Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Depression & ADHD? Anything Else Want to Join This Party?

Let me tell you something funny. I thought I knew pretty much all I needed to know about Fibromyalgia. I thought I knew all the pain and exhaustion and crap that I was going to know that came with MY Fibromyalgia. Pretty funny, huh? Obviously I was naive and completely missed the chapter about the skin and the effects that FMS has on it. I admit it… I’m a dumbass. I have spent the last 3 days… one, two, three and let’s count today so this is the fourth day… itching like a dog dipped and rolled in fleas. If you could see me now… I have hives all over.

Pain+crazy itchy=psychotic mom. My dog Tani, also has some kind of crazy itchy thing going on. I want to do what she does. She literally walks and randomly throws herself on the floor, I mean this, THROWS herself on the floor and “THUD!” rolls to her backside and vigorously wiggles back and forth to scratch her back. I’m jealous. I want to do this. I know I sound crazy, but she looks pretty content when she’s done.

I gotta be honest, I think I’ve been pretty okay to live with. I haven’t thrown things around the house or screamed for no reason or even cried like there’s no tomorrow (although I’m seriously on the verge). I have pretty much just sat on this couch and played Facebook games on my computer. Non-stop. It’s the only thing that can distract me enough to keep me sane. Thank goodness there’s a new game to play as well… I can’t read or Twitter or watch TV. I can’t sit still or barely write this blog post. I’ve been trying to write it for the past 24 hours. Idle time for more than 10 seconds and I am scratching like crazy. This seriously SUCKS. I mean, I am ready to take any drug offered to make this stop. I am anxious and stressed and frustrated and exhausted all at the same time… AND in pain. How is this even possible?

If you could see me now….

It’s Wednesday and I just finished this post. I hit save and the page exploded before my eyes.

The login page comes up and I login and I come back and … it’s all gone. All my edits are gone up to the point where I had last saved. What do I do? Do I give up and just scream? Do I say eff it and just leave the post yet again for another day? (yes that is EXACTLY what my first reaction is) or do I suck it up and just finish it?

This is me sucking it up… so be nice! hahahahahaha.

So! It is Wednesday (I know I just said that, cut me some slack here) and I am still itching away… I found out the problem, I’m just not sure I believe it. On Friday, like a good patient, I had sent an email to my chronic pain doctor. On Monday he gave me a call and we talked about what the issue might be. He decided it wasn’t a reaction to my meds (good thing). He also thought it would be  a good idea for me to see my Primary Care Physician (PCP). I had a feeling this was going to happen. I still find it super cool that he even calls me to check in with me. Kaiser has such a bad reputation, the fact that he calls me, and first thing in the morning, and then tells me why he didn’t call me on Friday?? Awesome! The people in the Chronic Pain group…. they are the best! I can’t recommend the Level II Pain Program enough!!

I went in to see my PCP and she figures it’s chronic hives… I’m not so convinced. She’s thinking and asks me if I want to go on steroids. Hmmmm, how about NO! Prednisone? Hmmmm… HELL NO! Then she tells me she is going to have this “Roving Dermatologist” check me out. Cool. I’m cool with that. Sounds interesting and a good idea. We wait. I have my husband and daughter in the room with me. We wait. She comes in the room with my PCP (I just like saying that… funny how that acronym just happens to be the same as, well…. you know). Anyway, the Roving Derm and my PCP start talking and the Derm starts looking at my hives and asking me the questions, “when?”, “how long?”, “anything new?”, she wants to see where all the hives are and then she keeps asking me … literally over and over and over again… “did you use any new lotions?” me: “no” okay, “but, have you used any new lotions?” me: “ummmm, no”. It was almost as if she didn’t believe me. I guess she gave up after she kept getting the same answer. She then does this doctor speak with my PCP and pretends my family and I are not in the room. Riggghhhhhtttttt. This 6 foot black man is not in the room. I am thinking… “I wonder if I pinch her, will she notice?” and then I think… I better not, the consequences of that are probably not very good… and just as I finish with my thinking, the doctor bubble breaks and “PING!” we are all in the same room again. My PCP gives me my prescription and we are on our way. I like my PCP, but it’s always kind of a strange visit to me.

Steroid lotion and cream and Atarax. I start day 2 of this lotion/cream twice a day schedule along with an Atarax pill and so far it’s not really working, but I’m giving it a chance… because that’s the sort of girl I am! I don’t like to take the Atarax during the day. I have to get my work done so I will wait until it’s time for bed. This means I’m itchy all day… all I’m saying is… you don’t want to irritate me… you don’t want to irritate the irritable, right? Pass it on.

Okay and here’s the thing… Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Depression and ADHD?? Good damn thing I’m married!! I’d never find a man with all that shit! What I’m sayin’ is anything else want to join in this party?? You better come quick!! I’m closing the door to this gosh darn party, I’m lettin’ the door hit ADHD in the ass as it closes! This is bullshit!! I did not sign up for this, but I’m handling it. I’m takin’ it. I’m living with it and I’m not going to sit down and cry my eyes out. Try me, damnit!! Okay, maybe some days I’ll cry my eyes out… but not EVERYDAY!! These things do not make for the end of the world… they cannot kill me and I won’t let them kill my spirit. Right? Are ya with me?? Good!

I will say this though!!! 2000+ hits to my blog?? That is WAY TOO AWESOME!! When I first started writing this blog I never ever in my wildest dreams (okay now I am going a bit overboard, I don’t really dream about my blog, but you get my drift) thought that I would have this many folk read what I’m talkin’ about. I love the fact that people understand and get what I am talkin’ about.

You all have a wonderful and blessed day!! Leave your comments, I love to read them!

Stay super duper cool!

PS. I was chicken, you would have pinched her, right? :)

24 thoughts on “Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Depression & ADHD? Anything Else Want to Join This Party?

  1. I found that metabolic rehabiliattion that was first introduced by Dr. John C. Lowe can show significant improvements in people with fibromyalgia. This therepy is based on balancing hormones, addressing nutritional deficiencies and helping to overcome often hidden thyroid hormone resistance:

    Another very helpful technique is a trigger points massage that helps to alleviate the pain of fibromyalgia. This non-medication treatment is also well worth look into.

  2. I never thought I’d be reviewing hand lotion. I have chronic eczema that returns periodically from hand washing. I have to say the Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment works great. I’ve tried other moisturizing lotions but they never worked. I don’t know what Lady Soma’s secret ingredient is (maybe the vitamin E), but this stuff heals my chapped hands after using it for like twice a day for 2-3 days.

    I also use it anywhere on my body I have eczema or irritated skin. Excellent healing/soothing qualities.

  3. I have awful itchy fibro/eczma things going on too. Half of my fingernails and some toenails are coming off with it too. Steroid creams hold it back a bit but nothing makes it go away. For the itching I use a topical local anaesthetic (hope I spelled everything right lol). Doctors have put it down to stress but I know it’s not caused by stress. It does exaserbate it tho.

    • Stu – I just find it so hard to believe there is nothing out there to help us. I just found this in Women’s Health magazine for dry skin. Not sure if you have seen this already but I’m open to anything these days. You might want to check it out… Dermalipid supplements I think I am going to try them.

      Stress makes it worse for me, weather, dehydration, medication, etc. I have changed detergents, foods, lotions… I’m sure you have done all this as well. I don’t know what’s worse, when i’m crazy itchy or the twitchy for no reason or the lightning nerve radiating through my feet and now hands at a moment’s notice for what seems like a lifetime but is really only a few minutes. :)

      Pick your poison!! LOL!!

      Thanks for stopping by, I remember you from Twitter, it’s been a long time since I have been on my Twitter account. It’s cool to see that you are reading my blog.

      Stay cool!

  4. Well, I’m sorry to say that this itching, eczema, associated with fibro goes on for years if not forever! I have had the combo for about 2 years now and I am going crazy. Atarax, cortisone, steroids, etc. never help for longer than 3 days. I now wear gloves, cotton, then nitril, then nice cotton and always white socks on my feet. I have a vertual pharmacy at home of all the ‘miracle’ meds. I change what i use, but so far the easiest and safest is vaseline. Stay away from any animal oils. Dermatologists told me to use ointments and cover with saran wrap, but that makes the itching intolerable. that is the worst. Some times I think I will scratch my skin off. I have tried o gluten, vegetarian, organic, diets and I drink only filtered water. My dermatologist, also from Kaiser did not associate it with the fibromyalgia that I’ve had for over 30 years, but instead with stress and heredity. My family doc claims its high sugar. Dermatoligis tdoes not agree. so, its up to me to find a’cure’. . A homeopathic doctor says I should eliminate all grains, do colonic cleanses and eat all organic

    • Wow! I’m not sure what to say. I hate all the conflicting messaging from the doctors. I am where you are with the “trying to find a cure”. Weather seems to be my worst enemy. Stress being the second challenge… negative stress. The itching has not been bad for me for awhile, thank the Lord! I am so sorry you have this struggle. Vaseline as a solution? I haven’t heard that one, I’ll have to try that.

      Food seems to be some sort of a trigger, I haven’t been able to deal with that yet. If you try and find this works, please let me know.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment!
      Take care.

  5. hey if you are still itchy, let me know.
    i use hot and cold water, and it is the only thing that works for my eczema, and has kept me insanely sane!!
    i also have adhd. only just discovered. not surprising, depression toooooooo.
    have two kids and a husband, otherwise i would be long gone…

  6. I got into work this morning and have had a awafull weekend because of my fibromalgya and eczema was googling it and found your blog it feels good to read someone who is going through something similar not that i wish tht to anyone but i dnt hv peopel around me who understands an reading ur post helped alot.. big hug xx

  7. This may be a stupid question, but how do you know you are ‘starting a flare’ I always seem to wake up in a pain filled fog and realize it’s my XXth day of feeling this way. Do you have warning signs?


    • That’s not a stupid question at all! Sometimes I know and sometimes I don’t… Usually I can tell if there is a dramatic change in the weather and I wake up and I there is a significant change in my pain from the day before. Other times, it is similar to what you are experiencing and I’m in my 4th day of pain and I realize, “damn, this is clearly not subsiding” and instead of leveling out it gets worse, but that is generally when I learn I have a new symptom or different type of pain.

      i created a journaling template that you can try using, it’s in my resource tab, try using that or something similar. If you track your pain levels daily you will start to see patterns and hopefully you will be able to see the difference between a flare and your normal day to day pain. It should also help with when you go to the dr. to explain the specific pains you are experiencing and your sleep patterns.

      I hope that helps a little! :)

  8. I just discovered your blog today and I’ve enjoyed reading and catching up and getting to know you. Funny how fibro likes to party with other chronic and invisible illnesses. Mine is partial to diabetes, ehlers-danlos, costochondritis, eczema, arthritis, and the occasional migraine. Personally I’d like to kick ’em all out of the party!! Hope your itching is better. I get hives several times a year for no known reason. I always carry atarax with me wherever I go just in case. I pop a double dose and I couldn’t tell you my name but dang the itching stops for a while!

    • Thank you so much for making me feel normal again! The itching has started to ease, I am starting a flare, but hey! Life goes on… :) You have a lot going on, wow! That is a whole lot of stuff! My whole family going back has diabetes on both sides, so I have to watch that closely. Arthritis as well…. I always say, life is definitely an adventure!

      I am going to have to check out your blog! Thank you so much for stopping by and I really appreciate the comment.
      Have a great day!

  9. I’m having sympathy itchiness…. ever since we IM’d I’ve been scratching all over.

    So bummed out you got this added to your already massive burden.

  10. Fibro sure loves company that’s for sure…never a dull moment :( Sorry something else has joined the party…hope it leaves early and takes some of the others with it ;)
    I wouldn’t have pinched her…but I may have poked lol
    Healing (((hugs)))

    • I love it!! You are a brave soul… :) and one thing is for sure, it is never a dull moment. I never thought about that… I could use a dull moment every now and again. :)

      Thank you for stopping by and making me smile, you have a wonderful day and I’ll be thinking about having a dull moment with a smile.

      Stay cool!

  11. Hi!
    I have recently found out that fibro wrecks your skin. All my finger and toe nails started falling off so I had to use steroid cream. I get eczema all over the place too. Some meds can cause massive hives too. I get it with naprosyn, an anti-inflammatory drug, and sometimes from high doses of tramadol.
    Itching is just a type of pain so I spose it makes sense doesn’t it?? With fibro I mean. I like your blog. Keep it up.

    Stu XX

    • Thank you for your kind remarks. It’s just crazy that with everything else we have to deal with… side effects from the meds is added to it!

      You just have to laugh and be glad that we can still laugh and smile and at the very least… make fun of people! (did I just say that?)…

      Have a pain free day Stu and thank you again for stopping by!!

      Stay cool!

  12. Chris – Thanks!! You and Jim need to come back and visit!!

    Teia — I love when you visit my blog… and I love my Sugar Doll award, my most cherished part of my blog!! You have had your fun times with your knee and your move and all the hard work with the horses!! It’s our personalities that land us where we are… ((hugs))

    Thanks for the comments ladies!!
    big gentle hugs….

  13. You have earned your spoons that’s for sure. I think if I had a skin problem on top of everything else, I would go ballistic for sure. I truly do not know how I push myself through every day, but I do. Still waiting for the day I can get a breather and take care of myself.

    ((hugs)) and take care,


  14. Stay calm cous. I know it’s easy for others to say, but you are doing a great job. You know you have the greatest family and friends surrounding you. I am always here if you need anything. Hang in there. Love ya!

  15. Thanks Carlos!! It’s so cool you checked out my blog… means a lot to me… and extra cool that you left me a comment! I will check out that link.


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