Do You Dream?

Are you are dreamer? With the amount of sleep I don’t get, I end up in that dream state a lot. I doze, I nap, I am in REM state…. I just don’t sleep-sleep like normal people. What I do … is DREAM …  in HD … vivid color!! It’s super crazy. I have been dreaming like this since I was a kid. I have dreams that have been going on, continuous or the same dream over and over again. I have these places in my dreams that I have visited many times at different ages. It is to the point where there are things that I honestly don’t know if it is real or a dream. These are moments that I will think about in a blink of an eye and then forget again (who the hell are we talking about here?). I have nightmares. My mom had an angel that she would put over my bed when I was growing up to help me sleep at night. I really loved that angel. I don’t think she realizes how much that helped me. Nightmares are the enemy.

In my dreams I visit people that have passed on. I have conversations with my friends and family about what is going on in my life today. I share ideas and life experiences like they are still with me. I wake up and I forget that they have passed on and I experience the loss all over again. I am a little better than I used to be, if I can tell myself that I am dreaming, I can sometimes prepare myself or even use my time in my dream to my advantage. Really strange, right? But there are times when I just want to lose myself in that dream and just let go… it’s dangerous. I don’t want to wake up. The pain of waking up is so deep, it will take days to recover. I know I will relive that dream over and over again. The pain from that experience, visit, unforgettable dream… one so vivid that it sometimes haunts me forever.

In my dreams I can do anything, I can go anywhere, I can see anyone.

I can fix anything, I can mend any relationship, I can overcome any challenges.

I also see myself struggle and I see others struggle and I feel and it’s not easy. It’s uncomfortable and it’s awkward and it’s real life. It’s not “dream” in the sense that it’s all nice and beautiful and wonderful and perfect. It’s a dream because I have my eyes closed and I am not awake. If I could write it out as it happens, I would do it. I would love to analyze it every day as I dream it. It’s difficult to do as I have too many of these short stories going on at the same time.

Last night I had a dream that I went to see a doctor. I checked in and wait to be called. The nurse who calls me back looks at me in an disapproving way. You know the look, the one that says “you look fine, why are you here”.  This female nurse tells me to come around and meet her at the door and she’ll take me to the back, so I walk to the other side of the counter and stand there and wait for her to open the door. As I’m standing there waiting for her to open the door, I start to feel strange. I can remember I’m holding some papers in my hand along with a book and my purse that my cousin gave me is on my shoulder. The next thing I know, I start to fall – in slow motion. I am fainting. I am falling to the ground, but I have no control, I cannot stop myself. I am going to seriously just fall on my face. This is what it feels like to faint! I can hear the people in the waiting room gasp as they hear me falling. THUD! I hit the ground. My head hits the floor and I feel sick. This is so surreal. I can smell the carpet, I can feel how hard the floor is. There is an older lady sitting in a chair just directly in front of my face, but she doesn’t know what to do. I am just embarrassed. I just fell flat on my face.

The nurse comes out the door and sees me on the floor and calls for help, “Someone call a Doctor! Damn, she fainted!”. I can feel her moving me around, but I’m not sure what she is doing. I am really not well. I recall nurses around and a man with a gurney at this point. I remember feeling the light from the windows coming in. The windows have dark brown wood around them. I am laying on the floor on my stomach and I am not able to move at all, I can feel the scratchiness of the carpet and I can smell the office. I felt really light headed and sick to my stomach. I could hear the nurse talking about getting me cleaned up… and then? I woke up.

I woke up. I was awake for about ten minutes and then it was off to another dream about visiting a girl I was best friends with when I was about eight-years old. I often dream about her and for some reason we are always going to the beach.

I wouldn’t mind dreaming so much if it would allow me to feel RESTED in the morning! My mom and my Godmother are/were dreamers. This is the gift they have both passed on to me.

Crazy, right?

Well, I can’t help what I dream. Do you dream? How do you journal your dreams? Does it help you get through your pain?

Apparently the pharmacies ran out of my pain meds in the bay area so I can’t get them until tomorrow. A week without them, how much fun am I having? Trying to be a good sport, that’s all I’m saying!!

I think my next blog will be about meds. I could use some advice on meds. Hopefully you’ll comment.

Thanks for stopping by. Look forward to your comments.

Take care and stay cool!


PS. The picture was taken by my daughter… pretty awesome, right?

4 thoughts on “Do You Dream?

  1. I do dream a lot and quite vividly as well. I used to draw some of the scenes in a journal, but I lent the journal to someone who was interested and we’ve gone our separate ways since then. I still describe what some of my dreams were like in my current journals, but there’s just so much detail that my hand cramps up before I’m done. My husband doesn’t understand how I can remember so much detail from my dreams. I have FMS and know unrestful (if any) sleep and the constant half-sleep of what we accept as “wakefulness”. It’s odd, but at least it varies.

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  3. WOW! That is wild, no wonder you are tired. I have CFS and Fibro, my Dr.explained the fog so well. He said most peoples brain turns on in the morning and off at night, people with cfs their brain is stuck in the middle all the time. Wow doesn’t that make sense, I never thought of that. Anyway have you ever tryed Provigel? It is not speed it just wakes your brain up, I feel alert and sharp for about 5 hours. I take Ambenin(sp) when I need a good nights sleep, I don’t like to take it all of the time, just one more pill. Hope you are feeling better, have a great Easter, Tammy

    • That does make sense, and what is cool is your dr. actually explaining it to you! I haven’t heard of Provigel, I will take a look at that, thanks for the recommendation. I tried Ambien and it didn’t help unfortunately… I know what you mean by the one more pill though!

      You have a wonderful Easter as well!! Hopefully it is a pain free one. :)

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