Reach One, Teach One: This video on Fibromyalgia is Amazing!

I read a lot of information on chronic pain and specifically Fibromyalgia. I personally feel like I am pretty educated. I just finished going through an awesome 10-week Level II Chronic Pain program through Kaiser (which I highly recommend to anyone who has Kaiser, send me an email if you want more information on this).

The video in the link below is of Dr. Sean Mackey, Chief of the Pain Management Division from the Stanford University Medical Center, he gives a detailed presentation of Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Pain that is just amazing… I generally have the attention of a gnat, I watched this entire video… IN ONE SITTING! I kept wanting to look away, or put my laptop down and do something else, but I was so intrigued by the information I stayed glued to the screen. He provides the answers to:

  • What is Fibromyalgia?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • What are some of the treatment options?
  • What is pain?
  • How should fibromites/ chronic pain patients be treated?
  • Alternative therapies
  • Latest studies
An Update on Fibromyalgia

Tip: If you watch directly from the site (and don’t download the video), you will get the video with closed captions which is really nice to follow along with Dr. Mackey as he speaks.

The date of the video is October, 2008

Running time: 1:14 (well worth the time!)

You will learn everything you need to know about FMS in a language that anyone can understand. He is positive and I felt almost uplifted watching this even though the information was sometimes difficult to hear. He knows his stuff!

Encourage your friends and family to check this out so they can better understand what you are going through.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find this helpful!

Stay cool!

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