Detoxing – I thought I was okay… I actually had a migraine!

I am seriously thinking about…

the days when I never thought about being sick.

when I was young and everything new seemed so “cool”!

the days when my most difficult decision each day was, “What the hell am I going to wear today?

what it would be like to live in a beach house and hear the sounds of the ocean as I go to sleep and wake up in the morning.

what my life would be, had I made different choices.

what choices I have at my age… seriously, what choices do I have?

without prescription drugs, what are the chances I can survive?

could I go a week without sugar?

what life in my house would be like without tv.

if I could reverse 3 choices in my life, what would those be?

what is love?

do I even know what “normal” feels like anymore? Is there such a thing? Will I ever feel it again? Did I ever feel it to begin with?

are dreams attainable?

is there such a thing as a perfect relationship?

are we defined by what we do? how we live? what we believe in?

does pain push me to depression or does depression push me to pain?

All these random thoughts come and go. Obviously not in any kind of logical way… let’s not forget “MY FOGGY BRAIN” is my name. They are all just random thoughts. Tonight is the first time I have actually thought about anything other than being sick in a long time.

I have been really sick. I didn’t even know it until this week. From my last post, I thought I was doing so well. I didn’t realize I had a migraine – and one that seemed to have lasted for weeks. I have been detoxing from Topiramate and Cymbalta and I took weeks to taper off the both of them. I noticed immediately the benefit of getting off the Topiramate since the suicidal thoughts and feelings went away immediately, suddenly, as if someone snapped their fingers and my brain just woke up – SNAP! Suicidal thoughts? GONE!

The Cymbalta on the other hand has given me way more problems, I assume this is why so many folks have found ways to provide their feedback – one way or another.

This past Sunday, and up until last night, I had this pounding headache, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light — I never put together that it all pointed to migraine. I just assumed it was a side effect from the tapering off of the meds and it would go away. I was completely WRONG on the “going away” assumption. Four days of this shit and finally I contacted my doctors. Last night I ended up at the doctor’s office receiving a Toradol shot in one thigh and a shot of Phenergan in the other thigh…. ummmm…. ouch! But let me tell you! The “ouch” from the shots was well worth the end result!

For the first time in months, I was able to actually SLEEP. You heard me. I finally slept for the first time in months! You fibromites out there know what I am talking about. Sleep? This is an enemy on most nights when we all want it to be our best friend. The best part of the deal? Let me say this really, really loud because I need to scream it from the roof tops… “NO FUCKING NIGHT SWEATS!” Whew! Glad to get that off my chest. I did NOT wake up 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and wondering what the hell just happened! I slept right on through. I didn’t just feel like I ran a marathon, no adrenaline filled dreams… I actually slept. Miracle! Apparently the night sweats I have been experiencing are related to the migraine I had? Very strange, but whatever. I’ll take it. As long as it stops or has stopped, I am ecstatic!

Here’s the thing… I was so used to having headaches, upset stomach, dizziness, completely active/ vivid dreams, night sweats… you get the picture. I didn’t think that it was anything more than the side effects of my illness(es). When I talked to the doctor last night and he was like “I believe what you are experiencing is a trigger migraine. You’ve had it for weeks.” I thought to myself… “NO WAY!” How could this be? So, it’s not specifically a side effect of Fibromyalgia, but it is a side effect of detoxing from the meds.

I took a leap and went in and tried the shots and it worked!

Of course it’s almost 3:00 in the morning and I can’t sleep now, but I’m okay with that since I don’t have all the rest of the shit going on inside me. There’s always a good and a bad to every life experience, right?

If you are having any of the symptoms I had and you aren’t getting treated for it … take it from me, see your doctor and push for help. I didn’t have to push, the doctor believed I needed help. Yours should too. If your doctor doesn’t help you or acts like it’s all in your head — GET A NEW DOCTOR! Do not let your doctor bully you or make you feel stupid. This is your health you are managing, not his/hers. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, “Take control of your health!”.

Thanks for stopping by, leave me a comment, I absolutely love to hear from you!

Stay cool.


My Pain. My Meds. My Pain. My Meds.

This vicious cycle of crazy ass pain and taking pain medication is never-ending. I often wonder what would happen if I stop taking my pain meds, but the fear of that excruciating pain is just too much to handle. Yes, I am one of the folks taking prescription meds. I am not taking narcotics on a daily basis, I was taking Darvocet and I have yet to find a replacement for that damn drug. I never took it daily, but it did help take the edge off on those days when the pain was at level 10+. Now I have nothing.

I have hated this process to get to where I am at, but at the very least, I know what to do and my doctors are willing to work with me. They don’t look at me like I am crazy and Kaiser believes in chronic pain and Fibromyalgia and has a program to work with you. That does not mean that it’s easy to figure out the meds, it’s absolutely not easy. I have a fundamental problem with putting this crap in my body. I don’t believe the long-term effects are clear and honestly, it’s scary. I’m watching TV and seeing these lawsuits going on and the meds they are advertising class action suits for? I am on today or have been on in the past! Seriously? It’s not cool! What do I do? I can’t afford the natural path, it’s just not in my current budget. I did try it, and it is a nice way to go. I believe in it, I support it – I just can’t afford it. I wish that it was part of my medical benefit, that would make a big difference.

Even though I have been taking some of these meds for over a year, I still read the papers every single time I renew the prescriptions. Topiramate has the same side effects as Fibromyalgia! This is crazy to me. I think about this a lot. I believe the meds are helping me, but sometimes I have to wonder if the meds are also introducing their own issues. Foggy brain seriously sucks! Is the Topiramate helping or hindering?

If you read my last blog, you know Kaiser ran out of one of my meds. I didn’t end up getting that scrip for 2 weeks. Well, by the time I picked it up I had pretty much become used to not taking it. I decided to go without it. That medication was initially introduced for pain and to help me sleep at night. After being off the medication for two weeks, I believe my pain and sleep is the same as it was while I was on the medication. That was a great “pro” for Kaiser running out of the med, at least I was able to determine I don’t want to take it anymore. One less pharmaceutical in my body.

One of the other meds I am taking is Cymbalta. I am a believer of this med. I have chronic depression and this has definitely worked for me. If I have to choose between being in pain or being depressed, I’ll take pain. I have had depression for much longer than I have had FMS and it is a kind of pain that is unbearable for me and those around me. To be at my lowest point in depression and my highest level of pain and to have to choose between fixing one of those? Wow. That would not be cool. Both are so unbearable.

So… back to Darvocet. I have been having a lot of flares in the last six months. Darvocet was very helpful to me when it was available. Since it has been removed from the market, and for good reason, I have not been able to find anything that works. I have tried Vicodin – this less than mildly takes the pain away, so it doesn’t really feel like it’s worth it. Tylenol with Codein – this does less than zero, feels like I am taking a placebo. The only other alternative my Dr. could offer was Methadone. Hmmmm, at this point I pretty much am not really feelin’ that drug. It just feels wrong, I don’t know. Anything else interacts with the stuff I already take. Very frustrating. Especially with the number of flares I have been having. I need your advice Fibromites and fellow chronic pain mates!!

Well, that’s all I’m thinking about today, thanks for stopping by! I could really use your comments on this one, I would love to hear how you are coping on your meds.

Stay cool!